Photos by Nedda Afsari

Photos by Nedda Afsari


I like to think of my works as existing on the axis of reality and the realm of dreams. This place is a multidimensional, in-between space in which the surreal and the mundane may exist alongside and within one another. My choreographic canon draws from the visceral, the innate, and the essential strangeness of the human existence.

My work thus far has used the frame of Butoh dance to illuminate the dark and unfamiliar spaces within the self to reveal presence and our interconnectedness on an infinite scale, and in the process, to bring about a recognition of sorts—a meeting place which encompasses the deep and ancient familiarity that is at the core of our existence, often hidden in plain sight. I have found the landscapes of surrealism and deconstructionism to be useful in the rearranging of received ideas, images, and motifs.

The pieces I make are placed in the canon of performance and multimedia art, in hopes of making visible what is often overlooked and unnoticed. My work has always been grounded in the altering of time and space, encouraging the witness to seek these dark places to bring about presence, reflection, and internal revolutions.


Caroline Haydon is a Los Angeles-based producer, performer, & filmmaker working with sound, video, choreography, art direction, and performance art. She explores the intersectionality between ancient forms and innovative mediums, focusing on both the individual human experience and our existence on a universal and infinite scale.
Caroline's background in movement and physical theatre have allowed her work as a Butoh dancer and performance artist to be featured at events such as the Sundance Film Festival (Park City, UT), the opening of gallery shows at Studio C Gallery (DTLA), and events hosted by Highways Performance Space & Interscope Records (Los Angeles). As an actor, she has been featured in films shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Her dance & new media films have been featured as official selections at festivals such as 40 North Dance Film Festival (San Diego, CA), the Experimental Dance & Music Film Festival (Toronto, ON), and the Videodanza Butoh Film Festival (Guayaquil, Ecuador). Her film work has also been featured in online publications such as The Creator’s Project (VICE), NOWNESS, & Galore Magazine. Caroline has also acted as a Butoh consultant and choreographer for a number of feature films, short films, music videos, and plays.
As a Butoh dancer, Caroline has trained under Jerry Gardner, a pupil of Yoshito Ohno, attended workshops with Yukio Waguri in Salt Lake City, UT, and Denise Fujiwara, a pupil of female Butoh master Natsu Nakijima, in Toronto, ON. She is a Certified Actor/Combatant within the Society of American Fight Directors, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Utah.

Caroline frequently works as a producer for Los Angeles-based digital production company Safety Third Productions. Recent work includes a live installation event for global fashion brand HERMÉS.

Musically, she has provided backing vocals for David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets) for his live performances, toured with Echo & The Bunnymen and was personally invited by record industry guru Alan McGee to perform at the opening of his Tabernacle live music venue in Wales.  She is a talented vocalist and percussionist.