A film commission for Art See Ocean Gallery in Nyköping Sweden, HYDRA was shot on location in the Nynäs Nature Reserve as part of Caroline’s artist residency during the month of April 2019.

Referencing the dreamy, otherworldly, and often wild paintings of nymphs, sirens, and women in folklore by British impressionist John William Waterhouse, HYDRA emphasizes the repetitive and cyclical quality of nature, and how the human experience relates to nature as a whole. Deconstructing the human form and breaking it down into separated limbs, parts and qualities, the film creates space for the meditative nature of passing time while also acknowledging and perhaps redefining the human relationship with time and space. This Butoh screen dance explores the ebb and flow of human existence as it relates to the natural world, and the roles and definitions we place upon ourselves as people, and parts of the universe.

HYDRA had its premiere at Art See Ocean Gallery in April 2019. The film is set to have a US premiere later this year.